Anti-inflammatory creams with cold, heat and combined hot-cold effect.

Our commitment to quality has allowed us to develop anti-inflammatory creams with the highest concentrations of CBD available on the market. Its anti-inflammatory repairing effect is guaranteed thanks to its blend of natural essences. If you suffer from muscle pain or inflammation and you don't know what to do to relieve it, you must try our anti-inflammatory creams with CBD.
Crema antiinflamatoria con CBD efecto fríoCrema antiinflamatoria con CBD efecto frío
Crema antiinflamatoria con CBD efecto calorCrema antiinflamatoria con CBD efecto calor
Crema antiinflamatoria con CBD efecto frío-calorCrema antiinflamatoria con CBD efecto frío-calor
Dr. Ana Fernández-Tresguerres Centeno, dermatologist and member of the Royal National Academy of Medicine, talks to us about anti-inflammatory creams with CBD.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Anti-inflammatory CBD Creams

Are CBD anti-inflammatory creams effective?
CBD has a beneficial effect on cell regeneration, it relaxes and relieves pain in the application areas. Phexia's anti-inflammatory creams also contain CBD in high concentrations to ensure their effectiveness. These ingredients, combined with arnica, chili, or menthol, make our anti-inflammatory creams one of the best in relieving joint and muscle pain.
What is the most powerful anti-inflammatory cream?
Mayday contains 6% CBD (9,000 mg) which is the highest concentration available on the market and makes it the best product for treating affected areas, providing a pleasant sensation of relief.
What is the purpose of the anti-inflammatory cream with cold effect?
The cold concentrates, constricts, reduces inflammation, and produces analgesia. The creams with cold effect, are indicated for use after training, competition, or at the end of a hike to prevent stiffness and aid recovery. Of course, we can also apply it to relieve joint or muscle pain caused by any reason.
What is the purpose of the anti-inflammatory cream with heat effect?
The anti-inflammatory creams with heat effect produce an increase in temperature in wherever it is applied, with a powerful vasodilator effect, increase blood flow and thus accelerate cellular metabolism producing a sedative effect. They are usually used before exercise if we want to prepare the muscles or for chronic injuries, contractures, or bad posture.
What is the purpose of anti-inflammatory creams with a hot-cold effect? why combine them?
As one of the most effective methods to improve muscle recovery, contrast therapy often uses the hot-cold effect. Phexia's hot-cold cream also has a very high CBD concentration which makes it a potent pain reliever wherever it’s applied