Well-aging, a new approach to natural aging

Well-aging is a trend with Japanese roots that was born as a concept totally opposite to anti-aging. If the latter involves a commitment to hide and prevent the advance of the years in the appearance of the face and skin, investing in aesthetic medicine treatments and surgeries, well-aging is the opposite approach: the signs of aging are not a problem, but it is assumed that it is preferable to age naturally and without complexes, and without inconvenience to say the age.

Well-aging has brought about a real revolution: a new conception of the passage of time that prioritizes naturalness has meant that a large number of people no longer have any problem in looking their real age.

The cosmetics and aesthetic medicine industry has been committed to the idea of convincing people that they can hide, conceal or reverse the signs of aging, and this has been the prevailing belief for decades. Recently, however, we have begun to see the unfavorable results of the inappropriate use of these filler, acid and Botox treatments, which often result in an appearance quite contrary to the desired effect.

On the contrary, well-aging bases its success on these premises:

  • The assimilation of the fact that time cannot be stopped and that the natural thing to do is to look at oneself without complexes in the mirror, assuming one's age.
  • The surgical procedure is not contemplated in this trend.
  • Aging is approached from cosmetics, nutrition and lifestyle, never artificial solutions.

Well-aging focuses on quality cosmetic products that prolong natural beauty, optimize the skin's condition and help to maintain its youthful appearance for longer without losing its naturalness.

The 3 phases of Well-aging

The passage of time on the skin cannot be hidden, but it is possible to adopt measures and acquire habits that help to keep it younger and healthier for longer, supported by the appropriate cosmetics for each age. Here is how.

  • Prevent with intense hydration: in the 30s, the first signs of skin aging begin to show, around the age of 35. It is time for preventive measures to prevent those first wrinkles between the eyebrows and crow's feet. It is essential to start using cosmetics that moisturize and even better if they also nourish. In addition, you can start using specific treatments such as eye contour serum.
  • Treat and repair with high nutrition: in the 40s, the signs of aging increase, reaching the middle third, the area of the cheekbones, around the eyes or mouth. The sagging begins. It is time to address the elasticity and firmness of the skin, with intense nourishing and repairing treatments.
  • Rebuilding and firming: in the 50s, sagging is severely accentuated, as well as wrinkles and lack of volume and juiciness in the skin. Cosmetics with enriched formulas will address these signs of aging in a natural way. Non-invasive complementary treatments will be a good option (epigenetic facial treatments, etc.).

Well-aging, beyond cosmetics

As we said, this approach is not only focused on cosmetics, but it also relies on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Some basic recommendations for practicing Well-aging are:

  • Take antioxidants: both in food and in supplements and cosmetics, antioxidants play a primary role. Take care of your skin on a daily basis: cleansing and daily facial routine are an indispensable gesture.
  • Hydrate from within: drink plenty of water.
  • Healthy lifestyle: keep stress and anxiety at bay, avoid a sedentary lifestyle and opt for moderate exercise, give up smoking, follow a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and meet our needs for rest and sleep.
  • Help from non-invasive aesthetic treatments: radiofrequency, mesotherapy, epigenetics... or even platelet-rich plasma (PRP), among others.

Natural helpers of the Well-aging in the skin

CBD, whether taken or added to facial cream formulations, is a great ally of natural aging. It is a powerful natural antioxidant, keeps stress and anxiety at bay and promotes a restful night's sleep, improving the quantity and quality of sleep, among many other health benefits.

Melatonin is another natural antioxidant that greatly enhances the action of cosmetics with CBD or Cannabidiol.

Phexia is the first brand to combine CBD and Melatonin to obtain a master formula that helps to attenuate the signs of aging in a natural way through premium quality cosmetics formulated by a specialized medical team.

Our experts in healthy aging

Dra. Ana Fernández-Tresguerres Centeno is part of Phexia's medical advisory board and collaborates in the formulation of our CBD and Melatonin cosmetics. She is a dermatologist at the Hospital Universitario Sanitas La Moraleja and at the Instituto De Medicina Y Bienestar T Clinic in Toledo. In addition, she is a member of the Royal National Academy of Medicine and has published several papers on skin aging and its treatment. She is an expert in medical-surgical and aesthetic dermatology.

In the words of Dr. Ana Fernández-Tresguerres Centeno: 

"Melatonin prevents sun damage produced by ultraviolet radiation as well as skin aging and skin cancer."

Our team also includes Dr. Jesús A. Fernández-Tresguerres, a member of the Royal National Academy of Medicine and an expert in Anti-Aging Medicine, a new specialty not yet officially recognized that aims above all to prevent pathologies so that the patient maintains their quality of life as long as possible.

Very much in line with the new focus on natural aging or Well-Aging, our experts formulate cosmetics for facial care and aging based on a combination of CBD and Melatonin, two very promising agents in the area of aging not only of the skin but health in general.

If you want to know more about our Melatonin and CBD based products, please send us your inquiry to wecare@phexia.com.

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