How to take CBD to fight insomnia

We have read many times that human beings should sleep between seven and nine hours a day to get the rest our body and mind need. But the reality of life too often goes in a different direction. Stress, anxiety, personal problems... Getting to sleep often becomes a utopia. It has happened to all of us at some time, and at Phexia we want to help you to remedy it. Discover how CBD helps you fight insomnia.

What sleep disorders such as insomnia does CBD combat?

"I haven't slept a wink today"; "I haven't been able to sleep all night"; "I haven't been able to get the rest I need for days". We say and hear this phrase all too often. According to data from the Spanish Sleep Society, 12% of the population of our country suffers from chronic insomnia and a third of the population suffers from occasional insomnia

When we sleep badly, we usually say that we have insomnia, but this is only one of the sleep disorders that exist. CBD helps you fight insomnia, yes, but also other disorders. Let's see which ones are most common:

  • Insomnia. The most common. When we talk about it, we are referring to problems falling asleep or staying asleep all night long. It becomes a considerable problem in the case of chronic insomnia, consisting of suffering it at least three times a week for more than three months.
  • Restless legs syndrome. It manifests with the sensation of moving the legs during sleep. This movement makes us wake up.
  • Snoring and sleep apnea. It is an interruption of breathing while people sleep. The apnea episodes last several seconds and interrupt the normal development of rest.
  • Jet lag. Occurs when there is a time lag caused by traveling to a different time zone that alters the biological clock and causes problems falling asleep.
  • REM twitching. These occur in the deepest phase of sleep and can cause problems in falling asleep. 

How does CBD work against insomnia and its causes?

Usually these disorders are caused by external causes. CBD fights insomnia and other disorders by acting against the causes that provoke them. We tell you how it does it with each of the most common ones:

  • Anxiety. Work problems, marital conflicts, stress accumulation... Anxiety is present in millions of people and its causes are very varied. Studies have proven the ability of CBD to reduce anxiety. And with it, to improve sleep cycles. In addition, stress is also linked to the so-called restless legs syndrome.
  • Obesity. Sleep apnea and snoring are more common among people who are overweight. The best remedy is diet and physical exercise. And after sport, CBD is ideal for muscle recovery
  • Chronic pain. The presence of constant physical discomfort makes it difficult to sleep. CBD helps to alleviate pain thanks to its soothing effects. Also for joint diseases such as osteoarthritis or arthritis, CBD has the ability to offer remarkable improvements. 

What is the ideal dose of CBD to combat insomnia?

Getting regular restful sleep has countless benefits. Human beings need rest in order to perform to our fullest physical and mental potential when we are awake. But not only that. It is even possible to improve fertility if you sleep well

However, as we have already said, one thing is the desire and another is the reality of our day to day life. So, in case we are dominated by insomnia, CBD can be the help we need to get rid of its pernicious presence. But how should we take it? 

The ideal is to start with low concentrations and increase them according to our needs. Our body is the best guide, in the end it will be the one to tell us what is the ideal dose. 

What if CBD doesn't work for you? The best advice we can offer is to be patient and, of course, only use CBD that you can trust. In all Phexia products you can check the laboratory analysis, made by scientists that guarantee the quality of the product. 

At Phexia we have a multitude of products that improve the well-being of the consumer. One of our CBD product recommendations for insomnia is Night Oil. It combines CBD oil and melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for regulating the daily sleep cycle. 

But if it is more than just better sleep that you need, for example you have repeated nighttime awakenings or other problems in addition to insufficient or too light sleep, then it will be better to take CBD oil at 10% or 15%, depending on each case. If you need advice on this, in Phexia we help you without obligation, contact us whenever you need it!

When we do not fall asleep, our daily life is affected. Not resting prevents us from being ourselves. It is up to us to get a good night's sleep. Rebel against sleep disorders. Try CBD to fight insomnia, we are convinced that you will not regret it.

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