Muscle recovery

Recovery after exercise or after an injury is crucial for muscle recovery and for the strengthening of muscle fibers. CBD anti-inflammatory creams are very effective thanks to their cell regeneration effect, relaxing tissues, and soothing pain wherever it is applied.
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CBD & sports

CBD is no longer part of the list of forbidden substances made by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) since 2018. Only CBD is allowed not so the rest of cannabinoids. That is why it is important to be safe about the CBD product we are buying. According to a US study, only one-third of CBD products sold online are accurately labeled.
The researchers found that most of the products tested had an insufficient dose and a quarter of them had an excessive dose. At Phexia we consider it is important as part of the process of buying CBD to provide you with all the information, that's why we publish all the laboratory reports of our products, so you can check their concentration and have all the security in its use.

Endorsed by medical advisors

Third party laboratory tested

CBD and Melatonin in high concentrations

100% safe < 0,05 THC

Frequently asked questions about CBD and sports

Which CBD cream can I apply before workout?
Warm-up is very important to prepare the muscles for training. Phexia's Help cream with heat effect, produces an increase of the temperature on the applied area with a powerful vasodilator effect increasing blood flow. It can also be applied after physical exertion thanks to its sedative effect.
Which CBD cream can I apply after workout?
Apply our anti-inflammatory Recovery cream to prevent soreness. The cold concentrates, constricts, reduces inflammation, and produces analgesia. Use cold effect creams after exercising, a competition, or at the end of a hike to prevent soreness and aid recovery.
If I have an injury, which CBD cream should I use?
Hot and cold shock therapy is the most recommended for muscle injuries as the cold reduces inflammation and the heat reduces pain. Mayday is our CBD cream with the highest concentration, 6% (9,000 mg) the most intense on the market, which gives it an unparalleled healing ability in the affected areas, while providing a pleasant feeling of relief