Why does CBD not work for me?

I will give you some background, I am the kind of woman who avoids drugs, I don't even take ibuprofen unless I need it urgently. So when I was told about CBD (short for cannabidiol) and had the opportunity to try it, I started shyly and with no great expectations. In my case I was looking for one of the most known benefits of CBD, anxiety reduction, calming my nervous mind by nature. I have for years a focal dystonia in my hand, which consists of muscle spasms when I write. This syndrome is very emotionally related, when I am under a lot of pressure, stressed or just plain tired, it gets worse. This with two toddlers and almost any full time job, is the perfect recipe for not even thinking about writing. My journey started with very subtle tests without any expectations, but after the first week it didn't seem to be working. Now after several months I can say that my dystonia has improved dramatically, at least you can read what I write because my anxious thoughts have calmed down. For all those who are considering starting or have started these are some recommendations:

Adjust your expectations: unlike the other main chemical compound in the cannabis plant, THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties. This means that no matter how much you take, you are not going to feel high. The effects of CBD are quite subtle. You may notice a slight reduction in anxiety after taking CBD, improved sleep, or fewer aches and pains. But if you're looking for a miraculous effect, you may be disappointed by CBD or think the product isn't working properly. Also keep in mind that our bodies are all different, and therefore you will react differently to CBD than your husband or your neighbor. 

Evaluate your CBD dosage: start with a low dose of CBD, but if you don't feel the effects you expect, you can increase your dosage slowly and over time. 

Always use a CBD from a reliable source: Not all CBD products are the same, and as a consumer you should know how to differentiate the types of CBD available on the market and verify that the manufacturer is trustworthy. Always read labels for full information on purity and concentration. At Phexia we subject all our products to third party lab testing so you know exactly what you are buying.

Be patient: take the time to adjust your dosage and be patient with the results. It's worth the time investment to find the sweet spot for your body and your needs. CBD may not be for everyone, so if you don't like how you feel, don't force yourself to keep trying.

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