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Aceite de CBD 10%
-70% Expiration Date 30/06/2024

CBD Oil 10% (1000mg) - 10ml

49,95€ 14,99€
Aceite de CBD 15%
-70% Expiration Date 30/06/2024

CBD Oil 15% (1500/ 4500mg)

69,95€ 20,99€
Aceite CBD 20%
-70% Expiration Date 31/08/2024

CBD Oil 20% (6000mg) - 30ml

118,00€ 35,50€
Aceite de CBD 30%
-70% Expiration Date 31/05/2024

CBD Oil 30% (9000mg) - 30ml

125,00€ 37,50€
Aceite de CBD 40%
-70% Expiration Date 30/04/2024

CBD Oil 40% (4000mg) - 10ml

120,00€ 36,00€
Aceite de CBD Phexia

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Well yes you read correctly , our CBD oils with a 70% discount . This does not mean that they have lost their properties; You have all the laboratory reports updated and available in each product sheet. Look for the link under the text Laboratory report .

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