Hemp oil and CBD oil, are they the same?

Many people believe that hemp oil and CBD oil are the same. Others, although they understand that there are differences, consider that their properties are almost the same. At Phexia we want to avoid this widespread confusion. We tell you in advance: there are important differences that start from the extraction of the plant, continue in the way of use and end in the benefits provided by one and the other. We see them below. 

How are hemp oil and CBD oil obtained?

The confusion between the two probably stems from the fact that they are both extracted from the cannabis plant. However, hemp oil is separated from the seeds of the hemp plant, while CBD oil is extracted from the hemp flowers, although it is also present to a lesser extent in other parts of the plant.

The truth is that one and the other have no psychoactive effects and are completely legal. In reality, it is another component of the plant that causes the toxic effects, THC, which is not currently authorized. If you have any doubts, this article will help you understand the difference between THC and CBD. You should know, however, that the quantities of THC in hemp oil and CBD are practically negligible. Here is an example: Phexia products have a THC content of 0.05% when the authorized limit is 0.3%. 

To obtain the hemp oil, the seeds of the plant are cold pressed so that the oil is separated in a container. On the other hand, the methods to extract CBD oil keep its properties intact after the process. The two best known are those involving the use of carbon dioxide and vegetable oil.  

What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?

Products containing these two components are becoming increasingly popular around the world. And no wonder, since they are effective and safe. However, the differences are more than evident, from the moment of purchase to the effects they produce. Here are some of the main ones.

- Different points of sale. You can find hemp oil in various establishments, but, as it has a mainly nutritional function, one of the most common places to buy it is in supermarkets. On the contrary, the therapeutic component of CBD makes it advisable to buy it in specialized places such as Phexia, where they can offer you all the information you need. 

- Therapeutic properties. Hemp oil is considered a superfood with outstanding nutritional properties. That is to say, it is advisable to incorporate it into the diet, although it is also used as an element present in creams. In any case, it does not have therapeutic properties by itself, something that CBD does have. CBD has demonstrated its effectiveness for aspects as different as improving sleep, relieving pain or promoting muscle recovery. If you want to know which CBD product is best for you, we tell you in this Phexia test

- Presence of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are natural components that stimulate the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the human body. Here we tell you all about the relationship between CBD and the ECS. Let us tell you one thing in advance: thanks to this stimulation, CBD helps to regulate the basic functions of our body. Hemp oil contains no cannabinoids

Hemp oil and CBD oil, what are their properties?

Beyond the various ways of extracting them and their forms of use, what is really interesting for users are the benefits provided by one and the other. Let's take a look at them. 

Properties of hemp oil

- Moisturizing the skin. Its high fat content makes it very nourishing. Applied on the body, it improves dry skin, prevents the appearance of acne or soothes irritation after shaving. 
- It accelerates the healing of wounds
- It is a great source of protein, which makes it especially recommended as a dietary supplement. 
- Contains a large amount of essential fatty acids.
- Strengthens the appearance of nails.  

Properties of CBD oil

As we were saying, CBD oil has therapeutic attributes, which contribute to improve the well-being of people suffering from different problems. Some of them are the following: 

- Anti-inflammatory action. Perfect for recovery and pain relief during and after exercise. This refreshing oil with CBD from Phexia can be, for example, your best ally in sports practice. 

- Improve the quality of your sleep. Its properties will help you sleep soundly. It also favors the rest of people who suffer from disorders such as sleep apnea. 

- Antioxidant effect on the skin. Different studies have shown that the application of CBD improves conditions such as itching, eczema or psoriasis. 

- Helps to quit smoking. A recent research on the action of CBD highlighted the positive effects against nicotine addiction. If this is your case, you can try to quit smoking with the help of CBD

Hemp oil or CBD oil? The truth is that both are beneficial to humans, but in different ways. The former has nutritional properties that can help you improve your diet. However, if you want to treat insomnia, anxiety, smoking or muscle pain, among others, the answer is clear: choose CBD.

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