What is the difference between THC and CBD?

There are still many people who associate any compound linked to the Cannabis Sativa plant with recreational use only. Nothing could be further from the truth. Thus, although TCH and CBD come from the same plant, the first one has a psychoactive effect and CBD is exclusively therapeutic. In Phexia we do not want you to have any doubt, so we explain it in detail.

THC and CBD: What are they?

Let's take it one step at a time. The best way to understand the differences is to start by defining what THC and CBD are. Let's start with a common point. Both come from the Cannabis sativa plant. And from this starting point, the divergences begin. 

Because what exactly is THC? It is the abbreviation for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It was first isolated in the 1960s and can be found throughout the plant, as something similar to resin. The temperature, the humidity, the way of cultivation or the fertilizers that have been used determine the quantity of THC that is produced. 

For its part, CBD, or cannabidiol, is also a particularly abundant component, which is distributed throughout most of the plant, except for its seeds. However, as we will see below, its effects on the human body are very different from those of THC, contributing to its balance. In the following link you can learn more about what is CBD and what are its benefits

How do THC and CBD act in the human body?  

We now focus on the main difference between THC and CBD: the effects they have on the human brain. You may wonder why THC is intoxicating to individuals and CBD is not. The reason is that the receptors react differently to the two cannabinoids. THC interacts with nerve cell receptors in a way that generates psychoactivity and hallucinogenic effects. On the other hand, CBD stimulates the system that balances our body and improves well-being

Thus, the psychoactive effect of THC causes different reactions in the consumer that can affect the perception of time and space, decrease attention levels, generate memory lapses or increase the heart rate, among others. 

These effects linked to psychoactivity do not exist in CBD, which stands out for its therapeutic usefulness. In the few cases in which side effects are produced by the use of CBD, these are scarce, mild and easy to eliminate.  

Beneficial effects of CBD

The increase in demand for CBD-based products is a fact in recent years. And it does so supported by numerous studies that have proven that it is a substance with therapeutic properties for the consumer. Some of the main ones are the following:

  • Antioxidant and reparative action. The administration of CBD topically acts effectively on the skin, improving the skin health of people suffering from psoriasis, itching or eczema.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties. It has been shown to be an effective remedy for reducing inflammation. This makes it especially beneficial for recovery after exercise or injury.
  • Reduces anxiety. Cannabidiol is a product with very good results in reducing stress in our daily lives. Anxious situations hinder the normal development of people's lives and have negative consequences in many aspects. Thanks to CBD, for example, it is possible to reduce anxiety and improve fertility
  • It is effective against insomnia. The action of this component of the cannabis plant helps to alleviate sleep disturbances and thus improve the consumer's rest.
  • Effect against pain. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are a remarkable relief against chronic pain. Oils and creams with this component are a magnificent solution for those who suffer from it.

Legislative differences between THC and CBD

You now know a little better what THC is, what CBD is and the differences between the two. But beyond their effects, there is also a very important difference between THC and CBD: the legal situation of their consumption

The psychotropic effects of THC make it a product subject to very strict control by the authorities. Moreover, in most countries of the world its use for recreational purposes is illegal. 

On the contrary, the therapeutic actions of CBD and the fact that its use does not cause any alteration of consciousness make it absolutely legal today. CBD oils, cosmetics and creams are a supplement that improves people's wellbeing and, as such, does not appear in any type of registry of toxic substances. 

As you can see, although they come from the same plant, the differences between THC and CBD are outstanding and are linked to the effects and legal status of one and the other. So, now you know, if you want to alleviate pain, improve the condition of your skin or get a good night's sleep, it's time to bet on CBD. You won't regret it. And in case you have any doubts, at Phexia we have prepared a test that tells you which is the best CBD product for you according to your needs.

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