Bioavailability of CBD and carrier oils

The bioavailability of CBD or, in other words, the amount of CBD that is actually absorbed by the body, is greater or lesser depending on the carrier oil and the route of administration.

As for the form of administration, the existing information is clear and without room for doubt; however, as for the choice of the carrier oil with which to prepare the final product, there are different options that are equally valid. We tell you about them in this post.

The best way to take CBD oil

It is widely proven that sublingual administration of CBD oil is the second best option (only behind inhalation), with a bioavailability of 15 to 35%.

While CBD inhalation through a vaporizer offers the highest bioavailability of all (between 34 and 46%, or even more in certain cases), CBD oil ingestion is a widely chosen option, which, properly taken, provides a great effect that appears after 20-30 minutes and remains stable for about 6 hours.

When taken sublingually correctly, CBD passes directly into the blood through the buccal mucosa and sublingual capillaries, avoiding its passage through the digestive system, increasing its bioavailability, avoiding possible drug interactions and ensuring the stability of the effect. For these reasons, the sublingual route is considered the most effective way to use CBD internally.

However, in Spain, the sublingual use of CBD is not legally permitted at the moment, since, as of today, it has not yet received the certification to be registered as a food product. Therefore, we are forced to warn that, according to the current legality in our country, its use should be topical. On the other hand, in many other countries (United States, Canada...), sublingual use is already regulated and permitted, as it is recognized as a food supplement.

Finally, ingesting CBD edibles (such as gummies, etc.) has the lowest bioavailability (like topical absorption), between 6 and 20%.

Best CBD carrier oils

With the question of administration resolved, let's now move on to the choice of carrier oils. 
The carrier oil helps the CBD, terpenes and other beneficial compounds in the Cannabis Sativa extract to reach our body. The most common ones are: olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, black cumin oil and MTC oil (derived from coconut oil).

At Phexia we use olive oil in low concentration CBD oils (CBD oil 10%, 15% and 20%) and MCT oil in higher concentrations (CBD 30% and CBD 40% oil) and in our CBD and peppermint oil.

Since the body absorbs each oil more or less effectively, adding one or the other in the preparation of the product is due to various criteria. For a better understanding, let's look at the carrier oils and their properties one by one.

Olive oil as a CBD carrier

Being Phexia a Spanish brand, we could not fail to count on olive oil in the elaboration of our products, specifically in the lower concentration oils (between 10 and 20%).

The numerous beneficial health properties of this oil make it an excellent choice for the elaboration of our products. Olive oil is very rich in oleic acid (reduces inflammation and, according to some studies, even inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells), omega-3 and 6 fatty acids (important compounds in cell membranes that help regulate inflammation and blood pressure) and antioxidants (can prevent or delay damage to cells). For all these reasons, it is the carrier oil in our low CBD concentration oils, designed for those who are looking for a natural aid for their daily wellbeing (better sleep, keeping stress or anxiety at bay, better concentration, better sports performance and better general health).

MCT oil as a CBD carrier

MCT oil is made of medium chain triglycerides, very small molecules and very easy to digest, which is why it is widely used in the elaboration of CBD oil, because that quality is likely to improve bioavailability.

On the other hand, and since some studies also suggest that MCT oil can decrease appetite and stimulate metabolism, this quality is especially interesting for those who want to consume CBD oil for weight loss.

This is the oil used in the elaboration of our higher concentrations oils, thought for those people looking for a highly medicinal use (to counteract the symptoms of some diseases, such as chronic pain relief or its anti-inflammatory action) and for high sports performance in athletes, among other cases.

Free personalized advice on CBD

As you can see, depending on the objectives we pursue, we will choose a higher or lower concentration, which will also be associated with the greater or lesser bioavailability of CBD and the type of carrier oil present in its formulation. If you have doubts about which CBD oil to take, you can take our online test to receive your recommendation by email or ask for personal advice (

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