Corporate wellness and corporate well-being

Forms of leadership are changing, as is the consideration of employees within organizations. Every person who works in a company is important, regardless of the position he or she holds in the company. 

Work is an important part of people's lives, most people spend more than a third of their day doing their professional activities, so work life should never be a heavy burden for people. That is why it is important to be a company that prioritizes the well-being of the people who are part of it. 

There are two ways of caring for the well-being of people in the work environment: corporate wellness, focused on the physical health of people and their level of satisfaction in the workplace, and corporate well-being, focused on the well-being of the whole person.

Corporate wellness

Corporate wellness is a state in which the person feels connected, secure and satisfied with their work. This is achieved thanks to a balance between the different aspects that condition the employee's life in the company. Corporate wellness involves a review of the company's values and philosophy, which many companies have revised in the wake of the remote work periods brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic confinement.

The aim is to provide employees with support for their physical wellness, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. To this end, aspects such as healthy eating or physical exercise are encouraged, in addition to others such as providing adaptable desks to work standing up for those employees who wish to improve their physical posture or even co-financing the gym fee.

Corporate wellness is also addressed by implementing a variety of measures focused on taking care of the details that improve employee satisfaction: communication in the company, a comfortable workspace, recognition of merits, professional retraining, a good atmosphere, work flexibility... These are measures that have been proven to contribute to improved motivation and productivity, among other aspects. So, all parties feel part of a common project and row in the same direction. In addition, it is possible to attract and retain talent, reduce absenteeism and encourage creativity and teamwork.

Together, the physical wellness of workers and a good working environment achieve this corporate wellness. But the trend is for companies to go further, in search of corporate well-being.

Corporate well-being: towards the integral health of the employee

There is currently a tendency to consider personal wellbeing as something that goes beyond the physical sphere, a matter that depends on both the physical and psychological aspects. When we add the psychological dimension to corporate wellness (physical health + better work climate), the concept of corporate wellbeing emerges.

In 1987, Professor Peter Warr's presented the vitamin model, which seeks the psychological health of employees in the workplace through a trusting work environment, employees who are connected to each other and a sense of belonging, pride and commitment to their organization.

Following this approach, corporate well-being is a wellness strategy that understands health as a whole that includes the physical, psychological and emotional aspects. In this way, employees not only have a healthier life and a better working environment (corporate wellness), but are also helped to have positive mental and emotional states.

Feeling good physically and emotionally (general state of health) strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to stress, as well as improving individual performance and the company's own and the company's productivity.

Many of the wellbeing measures coincide with those of wellness, as both promote physical health. However, corporate wellness focuses on physical health (in addition to the work environment), while corporate wellbeing also includes the psychological dimension. Therefore, some corporate wellbeing actions are:

  • Mental health and psychological support.
  • Mindfulness and/or meditation workshops.
  • Yoga classes.
  • Activities and events for employees: teambuilding, afterwork, etc.

CBD and corporate wellbeing

One of the strongest trends in holistic wellbeing worldwide is the increasing use of CBD or Cannabidiol by the general population. This non-psychotropic active derived from Cannabis Sativa plant has a strong medicinal use: sleep improvement, pain relief, anxiety treatment, increased sports performance, skin care... Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects are the best known and widely demonstrated in clinical studies, but the potential and wealth of therapeutic properties that CBD accumulates (and that are still being discovered thanks to numerous medical researches) are making it the easiest option to contribute to the wellbeing and health of people in a natural way and with a total absence of side effects.

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