How to prepare naturally for marathon running

As you know, CBD is of great help for muscle recovery from any sporting activity. Athletes, more and more, find in Cannabidiol an essential ally to increase their sports performance, as Phexia's ambassadors told us in these interviews.

In this post we are going to tell you how to use our CBD products to prepare and recover from a race (marathon, half marathon...), which will also be useful for any other sport.

The role of CBD in sports

First of all, it is important to understand why CBD can be beneficial for athletes. CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural active ingredient from the Cannabis Sativa plant, known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This means it can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with training and competition. In addition, CBD can also help improve sleep and reduce anxiety and stress, which is crucial for recovery.

Here are some tips for preparing for a race and how CBD can help with each of them.

Training tips for runners and athletes

There are a number of recommendations that every runner should keep in mind when preparing for a race or marathon. In addition, CBD can help optimize and improve the outcome, as detailed below.

Training: Training is crucial for any race. It is important to train regularly and gradually to avoid injury. CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with training, which means it can help speed recovery and allow for more intense training.

Nutrition: Nutrition is just as important as training. It is critical to consume enough calories and nutrients to keep the body in optimal condition. 

Hydration: Hydration is key in preparing for any race. It is important to stay hydrated during training and racing to avoid dehydration and keep the body in optimal condition. CBD can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension, which means it can help prevent cramps and other muscle problems associated with dehydration.

Rest: we can't forget about a good night's rest and quality sleep, which are essential for improving training. It is necessary to get enough sleep and take time to recover after a race or intense training. CBD can help improve sleep and reduce stress, which is crucial for muscle recovery.

Recovery: after a race or intense workout, the body can be tired and sore. CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation, as we noted above, and this means it helps speed up recovery and allow us a quicker return to training.

As we can see, CBD can be a very useful natural ally for runners looking for a natural aid to prepare for and recover from an intense race or workout.

Premium Quality CBD Products

Now that you know what CBD can do for your athletic performance, it is critical that you seek expert advice when getting started with CBD. Ensuring the right concentration or being able to consult lab reports are vitally important when choosing a reliable, quality product.

At Phexia, Spanish brand of premium quality CBD products, we have products with the CBD highest concentrations on the market and we provide our customers with lab reports, which can be downloaded directly from our website.

In addition, in order to guide you in the purchase and solve all your doubts, you have at your disposal both a test to know which product best suits your needs, and an email ( so you can write us and you can get the advice of our specialists.

If you are interested in trying CBD for your training and racing, try our CBD products!

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