Training with CBD: experience of athletes

From Phexia, Spanish brand of premium products formulated with CBD and Melatonin, we are focused on promoting healthy habits in the general population, spreading the benefits that CBD or Cannabidiol has on health.

In the case of athletes, training with CBD is becoming an increasingly widespread sporting practice. In this blog post you will understand why.

The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the list of substances banned in or out of competition in 2018. This decision by WADA opened the door to the use of CBD by athletes. Currently, more and more athletes are opting to take advantage of the benefits of CBD in relation to sports practice, including:

All of the above has an influence on sporting performance, as it improves the capacity of sportsmen and women. Our brand ambassadors have also experienced this. In this article we have compiled interviews with 3 athletes who have told us about their experience with the use of CBD in relation to sport.


Marina Crismariu, personal trainer & coach

How did CBD come into your life?

I started taking it because I felt that I was not getting enough rest at night; I have always been a very active person and I have always slept well… But a couple of years ago, I began to notice that the hours I slept I did not always rest... and that feeling was getting worse and worse, it was repeated more and more every day. So I started researching natural products that help me rest, and I discovered CBD.

What benefits do you notice in your sports performance associated with this active ingredient?

Thanks to the fact that my sleeping hours are hours of real rest, I wake up with the feeling that the hours I have slept have served to recover the tiredness of the previous day.

I sleep an average of 6:30-7 hours a day and for me it is very important to sleep well and rest, because that makes the muscle and joint recovery is correct. Muscle fatigue is much less when I rest well, and I notice that a lot since I take CBD oil. I wake up with energy to face another day, both training and work, all the hours of my working day are very active because I am constantly on my feet and on the move.

Any advice for those who are thinking about trying it?

Contact a professional expert to ask for help in choosing the best CBD product they should take and discover the pleasure of resting at night to wake up the next day with more energy, better mood and without laziness.


David Benito, professional runner

How did CBD come into your life?

I discovered it through social networks and the truth is that I became very interested in it, to help me in my sports practice. I have tried CBD oils and creams and the truth is that it has been a pleasant surprise.

What benefits do you notice in your sports performance associated with this active ingredient? 

I notice a good muscle relaxation and I also rest better, with a more restful sleep, which gives me a better body predisposition to continue training at 100% the next day.

Any advice for those who are thinking of trying it?

I advise them to try it, as it is a natural supplement that is beneficial for the body, both for day-to-day use and for sports practice.


Nea Arranz, runner and coach

How did CBD come into your life?

Thanks to a brand I collaborated with 2 years ago. At first I had my doubts about the use of CBD, but then I saw that the properties were just as I was told.

What benefits do you notice in your sports performance associated with this active ingredient? 

Above all, better rest and faster and better recovery after intense training.

Any advice for those who are thinking of trying it?

Each person is different and, as I personally have found it to be great, I recommend athletes or anyone to try it and see for themselves the beneficial properties for general health.

If you are an athlete and you like to lead a healthy life, do not hesitate, try to introduce CBD in your daily routine and you will notice its effects. Both CBD oils and anti-inflammatory creams with CBD in combination with other natural active ingredients, will be of great help to improve your health in general and your athletic performance.

If you have questions about how to get started with CBD, you can consult with our experts for free by writing to, and they will advise you on which product is best suited for you. Or, if you prefer, you can also take our test and receive by mail a personalized recommendation and a 15% discount for the purchase of our products in the online store.

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